What are the menus to choose for the reception of his wedding?

All people who wish to get married would like to do so in a friendly and joyful harmony. To achieve this, some future brides and grooms establish a good wedding plan. In this planning, there is a crucial element that must be taken into account during the reception. This is the wedding menus.

The food that can be served at a wedding reception

First of all, you should know that some of your guests may face gastric problems. To those, it is important to reserve only gluten-free food or vegetarian dishes for them. You should also find out if any of your guests have allergies in order to avoid any inconvenience. Apart from that, your food list should include dishes like snacks and appetizers. In any case, keep one thing in mind. There should be vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at the wedding reception. That's exactly how the menu for a paris wedding looks. When it comes to catering, there are two options. These are table service or self-service.

What beverages are needed for such occasions?

Alcohol is not a better option for wedding receptions. Someone among the guests could abuse it and thus spoil in a few seconds that joyful atmosphere that was prevailing. Under your command, the bar should provide only non-alcoholic drinks to avoid such situations. In the worst case, the bar can insert drinks to serve bottles of wine or some alcoholic beverages. But it is definitely not advisable to drink them after consuming dinner. Drink coffee or opt for tea instead of gibolin and alcoholic drinks. This is what we recommend.