The main features of 1xbet Aviator

Aviator 1xbet is an online game that offers players a unique and exciting gaming experience. This game has become increasingly popular due to its interesting mechanics, fun graphics and captivating storyline. What are its most distinguished features? Let's take a look at each of them and how they work.

Main Screen

On this screen, you see the red plane take off at the beginning of each round. Aviator excitement awaits on 1xBet!. Above the main screen, the number that appears in white is the multiplier. When this number turns red and the message Fly Away appears, the round is over. Above the flight area, all the multipliers from previous rounds are recorded. By clicking on each one, it is possible to see the random keys that generated the result of the round.

Airman top menu

The top menu is divided into three parts. On the orange button, you can click on how to play and watch a video with the Aviator rules. Next to it, you will see a cash value, which is the amount of money you have in the house to bet on the small plane game. By clicking on the three lines next to this value, you will have a few options to note: Set the sound, music and animation of the game. Check if you have free bets to play Aviator. Check your betting history.

Left menu

On the left side of the screen where the plane takes off, you will find information about bets, both yours and those of other players. By clicking on total bets, you will see how many bets have been made in this round and how much each player has invested, always ranked from highest to lowest. When the plane starts to take off, it is possible to see which players have already triggered the cash out. By clicking on my bets, you can see the date, the amount bet and the amount of the cash out on each of your last spins. To play 1xbet Aviator in the best way and win, you need to understand all the features it has.