The essentials to know about creating a time-lapse

A time-lapse is a video animation made from a series of photographs taken in a regular interval and a fixed point of view. But to set up impressive time-lapses, you need to own the right tools and master the settings. Find out all the details in this article.

What materials are needed for a time-lapse?

A time-lapse can be used to show the opening of a flower and the growth of a plant, the passage of clouds in the sky and then the movement of stars or the sun. For more information, view publisher site

In reality, the realization of these scenes requires a camera that can operate in manual mode and has a long battery life. It must also have in its parameters, the aperture, white balance, exposure time, focus and ISO sensitivity. After that, it is necessary to have a tripod for greater stability of his camera and a memory card with a large capacity. Also, a quality time-lapse is only done with an intervalometer. With this tool, the number of images to be captured, the time interval to be respected between each photo and automatic shooting are possible.

What are the settings to make a quality time-lapse?

For a smooth film, the number of photos to be taken must be determined beforehand, and the time interval calculated according to the speed of the subject. Then, to determine the ideal place and the perfect time to make his time-lapse, you must consult the weather, or use the appropriate software. However, before starting your activity, you must connect all the useful devices. Then, you need to switch to M mode, then focus manually or automatically on the subject of the time-lapse. After that, you need to disable the autofocus and set the white balance. After that, it is possible to adjust the ISO sensitivity and aperture depending on the brightness. The intervalometer can then be activated to start shooting. However, some software to edit the photos can create impressive time-lapses.

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