Renovation of a house: the different stages.

Home renovations are not that easy as you might think.  Whether it's a partial renovation or a complete home renovation, you have to ask the right questions.  In all cases, it will be necessary to call on professionals because this requires real know-how, regardless of the type of work.

Different types of renovation work

There are different types of renovation work:

  •  Small renovation work, which will be more of an embellishment or refreshing such as repainting a room, installing parquet ...
  •  The renovation of a bathroom or a kitchen
  •  A heavier house renovation such as a facade renovation, energy renovation work, expansion work.

Regardless of the type of renovation work planned, it is important to follow different stages in order to have a successful renovation. For more information, visit the site

 What are the different stages during a renovation project?

 Step 1: List of needs

You will have to start by listing what needs to be renovated in the house as well as the needs of the client.

 Step 2: Take stock of the existing situation

It will then be necessary to take stock of the existing situation to avoid unpleasant surprises during the site and the work.  Once your client's needs have been listed, you will need to:

  •  Establish a personalized technical and architectural recommendation according to the planned work
  •  Take stock of the constraints related to the existing: technical constraints, administrative constraints ...
  •  List the work to be done during the renovation and propose solutions adapted to the client's needs

 Step 3: Estimate and duration of the work

Now, we must move on to costing the work: cost and time:

  •  Establish detailed quotes to the client for each type of work so that he can assess the cost and see if it falls within his budget.
  •  Estimate the duration of the work.

 Step 4: Acceptance of quotes by the customer

Have the customer validate the various quotes before starting work and offer them a schedule.

 Step 5: Start of work - the shell

The first stage of the renovation work will be the structural work if there is any: the foundations, the facades, the frame, the roof, the sanitation system, the exterior joinery.

 Step 6: Continuation of the work with the finishing work

Once the big work is done, we move on to the finishing and embellishment work with the finishing work.  This second part of the work will make the house or apartment habitable.