Internet: definition and advantages

If the Internet were to be erased from our daily lives, many people would see their lives suddenly turned upside down and become difficult and unlivable.  This is to say that this technology has become indispensable for most of us.  But what are the real benefits of the Internet in our daily lives?

Internet: what is it?

What does the Internet mean?  The Internet is known as a global computer network interconnection system.  It uses a standardized set of data transfer protocol.  To put it simply, the Internet is therefore a network of networks, without a nerve center, and made up of millions of public, private, university, commercial and government networks.  For more information on the subject, do not hesitate, here - same.

The Internet carries a wide range of rapid information and allows the development of various applications and services including electronic mail, instant messaging and the World Wide Web or WWW.  This new technology which was popularized by the appearance of the World Wide Web, the two are sometimes confused by the uninformed public.  The World Wide Web, however, is only one of the Internet's applications

The main advantages of the Internet

The first advantage the Internet can offer is that it is an excellent tool for finding information and knowledge thanks to the rapid information it contains.  It is also seen as an entertainment tool.  The Internet can be used as a medium of communication that allows us to keep in touch with our friends and contacts around the world.  Internet provides access to innovative services such as high definition television, teleconferencing, virtual tours, etc.  It promotes a new form of commerce: electronic commerce.  The Internet user has access to many services such as reservations, electronic administration, electronic banks, digital libraries, etc.  Moreover, the Internet has changed the notion of exchange and work if we only cite the advent of telework.  In addition, the Internet also offers an additional means for companies to increase their turnover and their markets.

The internet can be addictive and prevent some people from developing real relationships by imprisoning them in virtual ones.  In addition, the Internet can hamper healthy practices such as reading.  Therefore, if misused, it can harm students' studies by further promoting copy / paste and plagiarism.  Scam and deception are more and more plagues on the Internet, so vigilance is required.