How to organize a birthday party at home?

Planning a birthday party can seem overwhelming. But if you break it down into small tasks, you may find it very fun. So how do you plan a birthday party at home? Here are some tips.

Choose a theme

While it may seem unnecessary, having a theme will help you know what decorations to buy, what food to prepare and what games to plan. Character parties are popular, but general themes work too. Some themes will obviously be more difficult than others. Visit a few party stores or go to pop over to this site to see what is available. It will be easier to choose a theme based on what you have available. 

Work out the details

There are a few questions you'll need to answer. When will the party be held? How long will it last? Where will it be held? Is there a community or cultural event that would prevent other guests from coming? What time of day suits your schedule?

Consider the age of the birthday boy or girl. In general, the younger the person, the earlier the party. You don't have to entertain all day, a few hours is plenty of time.

Buy invitations (that fit the theme!) 

Once you've chosen them, it's time to finalize the details. Check your schedule to make sure there are no scouts or work meetings during the time you're thinking of. On the invitation, include start and end times, address, what each guest should bring (bathing suit, etc.). 

As far as guests are concerned, a good rule of thumb is age. And if your relatives can come, all the better! It's best to have a few other people to help with supervision and cleanup. Make invitations in the theme of your party.

Buy decorations

For everything, a party store is your best bet, otherwise you'll end up running around town for days trying to put everything together. And if they don't have a particular item, ask for it! They may be able to order it for you.

It's always possible to make it yourself if you're handy. The lucky one could always help you if you want someone to blame for your bad handwriting!