How to keep and store your watches properly?

Regardless of the price of watches, their value is very sentimental and it is wise to maintain them. So, in order to protect your jewels and keep them as long as possible, it is essential to opt for the best solutions. We will share them with you in the following section.

Opt for a watch box

If you are a collector of classic or luxury watches, this tool will certainly come in handy. You will acquire more information about watch box. Among all the ways of storing and preserving watches, the watch box is the most satisfactory one. It is a product that has always existed. It is made of plastic, wood, metal, fabric or leather. It offers advantages: quite solid, this box will allow you to preserve your watches against dust and shocks. Another advantage is that depending on the size, the watch box can hold up to ten watches. It is therefore perfect for big collectors. But be careful, from an aesthetic point of view, you should choose a watch box in harmony with the decor of your room.

Think also of the occasional watch holder or the marmot

Wallets, card holders, coat racks, purses exist but this year, it is the watch holder that has been discovered. This still unidentified object is often made of wood, very original and refined. The designer wanted to create a device that was both sober and chic to store his watches. A very practical object that blends perfectly into a refined and discreet decor. The watch holders offer many heads: with 1 to 5 solid oak heads, carefully sanded and treated with a finishing oil. Made with solid French oak, you can modify your watch holder by personalizing it with an engraving of your choice. Some craftsmen create marmots, commonly known as watch cases. Also known as watch cases, they are often made of leather, in one or more pieces.