How to decorate your living room for Christmas?

Christmas is coming and it's time to put a new decoration in your home to put you in this atmosphere. To this end, for Christmas, you need to decorate certain areas of your home including the entrance and that's what this article will try to show you.

Start your decoration at the front door

The very first thing you'll see when you want to get a feel for your home's Christmas decor is the front door, which is nothing more than the door. Separating your main room the living room from the outside, in reference to the Christmas party, you should decorate it with lanterns on the floor and also a lantern. This is the best way not to miss your decoration during this period.  Redirect your choice to the classic Christmas wreath. 

This one should have a simple style with some leaves and some holly branches or a classic set of green and red. This combination clearly notifies the presence of this holiday in your home. Don't forget also the garlands with message that you will have to put on the door that could wish happy holidays. A very warm way to communicate hospitality to all the guests that will cross your door.

Also put a bouquet at the entrance to embellish it

The door is an entrance to your home that tells the tone of the Christmas atmosphere in your home. Depending on the decorating scheme and your desires you can prioritize a Christmas look or put the priority on a more tender and calm atmosphere. This will consist of putting many bright garlands, some candles and a wreath against the wall. In short, it is up to you to know what look you want to implement and especially if you adhere to the latter. 

It is a decoration that will reign at home during the whole festive period so, you have to make sure to do things right in order not to regret or plan a change. All in all, here are some clear elements to help you decorate your entrance for the Christmas party. You just have to apply all the tips and advice given to achieve this.