How to choose a necklace for women?

Gold or silver necklaces for women are excellent gifts to give as presents or to give to yourself. However, making the best choice is not always easy. Want to give a necklace or chain as a gift, but not sure which one? Here are our tips for choosing the perfect jewellery.

Choosing the metal of the necklace

It is recommended to first choose the ideal metal based on the wearer's taste and appearance. To choose the right metal for your necklace, discover more here. Some recommendations for metal selection: The timeless and radiant gold necklace is perfect for tanned or black skin and dark or red hair. Gold accentuates the darkest colours and enhances them with light. A very fashionable alternative to the gold necklace is the vermeil necklace. They are made of a silver alloy coated with a layer of gold. The unique and elegant platinum necklace is particularly suitable for women with fair complexions and blonde or brown hair. Platinum gives off "cool" tones, complementing lighter colours. Elegant and more affordable silver necklaces have very similar characteristics to white gold. They are therefore worn in the same way.

Then choose the mesh

Some of the most popular knits in the jewellery industry include: • "Forçat" mesh: This is probably the most common type of mesh used for making ladies' necklaces or chains. It consists of a series of oval rings with straight or round edges. • The "curb chain" mesh: made up of simple and fairly flat loops. It is very breathable and can be used to make gold necklaces to reduce weight. • The "Venetian" mesh: elegant and solid, it consists of alternating small cubes nested in larger cubes.

Finally, choosing the size of the necklace

After choosing the metal and the mesh of the necklace, it is important to determine the ideal size. For this purpose, one must of course take into account preferences, but also consider the shape of the person wearing the jewellery. Necklaces are mainly divided into three categories: • Choker necklace: 40 to 42 cm long ; • Medium length necklace: 45 to 50 cm long; • Long necklace: 55 cm or more.