Facebook Chatbot: how to use it fully?

To increase sales revenue in the commercial field, many people use computer programs nowadays. Among many others, there is the Facebook chatbot. Therefore, it is important to learn how to use a Facebook chatbot. This will help you make the most of this network as it helps you save time. In this article, find out how to use the Facebook chatbot to get more profit.

What is the purpose of Facebook Chatbot?

Chatbot is one of the features of Messenger that works with a news feed. Its members discover, in real time, news related to their personalities, products or other topics. To better understand our illustration, go to : check these guys out. It helps you to address the usual concerns of your customers and to allow a customer to receive information about a product by just sending a simple message on Facebook.

How to use Facebook Chatbot to make shopping easier

Like any shopper, finding the right way to quickly fill your cart is very important in order to enjoy the day. For this reason, the chatbot gives you the possibility to facilitate your task by helping your customers to fill the baskets with the products they would like. It allows you to inform the customer about the details of the products as well as the different and most reliable payment methods. These different aids, provided by your Facebook chatbot to the customers, allow you to avoid the abandonment of their shopping cart at best.

How can the Facebook Chatbot be used to send alerts?

Several situations require sending an alert to a customer that is necessary for the box. With your Chatbot account, your customers are at the point of information every day. It gives you the possibility to send personalized offers on perhaps increases or on reductions with regard to the price. With this, you regulate your sales activities. Using Facebook Chatbot, keeps your customers happy and improves your sales